Annual Pizza Sale is On!

Hello and welcome to our Castle Bands Frozen Pizza fundraiser for the 2017/2018 year. This is made possible by Sandy’s Pizza of Fort Branch, IN.

Sandy’s Pizza is known through out our community for having a great product, and they are well known for being a great partner for school groups of all kinds to raise money for their organizations. This will be the 3rd time in the last few years that we have partnered with Sandy’s Pizza for this mid-year fundraiser.

Product Facts:

All Sandy’s Fundraiser Pizzas are 12” and come frozen. 

Due to the large number of frozen pizzas Sandy’s makes for fundraisers there can be NO DIFFERENT toppings other than the ones listed on the order form.

Castle Bands will receive proceeds in the amount of 50% of gross sales, so sell sell sell!

Castle Bands will be selling 7 varieties of pizza this year, with unit prices ranging from $9.50 to $11.00

The 7 varieties include: 1.Cheese, 2.Saus & Sweet Red Pepper, 3.Sausage, 4.Pepperoni, 5.Saus/Pepperoni, 6.Veggie, and 7.Combination.

NOTE – Castle Bands will not be offering the Saus/Pepp/Mushroom variety, and this column has been marked out on the order form this year. Please come to the band office if you need another order form.


Sale Facts:

The sale can begin as soon as you’re ready – so start now!  Order Forms and Final Tally sheets are available through the Band Office.

Final pizza totals and all checks, payable to “Castle Band Boosters” need to be turned into the band office by Friday 1/5/18. This is a hard stop for the sale to end. NO CASH PLEASE!!!

Pickup and Distribution of the pizzas will be on the Friday/Saturday just before the Super Bowl (2/2 & 2/3). 

Details on pickup and distrib will come out in January after final numbers are all in.

Castle Bands will be using a total sheet for turning in this year – this means that the detail order form with all the customer names and tally marks needs to be kept by the students/parents.

NOTE – turn in ONLY the total sheet. Students/Parents will keep the detail sheet for your use to pass out the product you’ve sold

This is a “general fund” type fundraiser, so there is no individual account credit for sales with this fundraiser


For questions about this fundraiser, please contact Joshua Steele @ 812-431-4964  or his email

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