Pizza Sales Wrapping Up!

****Castle Bands Frozen Pizza Fundraiser 2017****

Made possible by Sandy’s Pizza of Ft Branch, IN. Thank you Sandy’s!

* ALL Sale order forms and money must be turned into the band office by this Friday 1/13/17This is a hard stop deadline, as Sandy’s must make each pizza by hand

Checks ONLY – payable to Castle Band Boosters – NO CASH PLEASE!

* Please track sales using an official Sandy’s Pizza order form
Additional order forms are easily available through Sandy’s website
Sales are only possible using the types offered on the form – No special orders/ No special toppings

* These are frozen pizzas – distribution will be on Friday 2/3/17 & Saturday 2/4/17 JUST IN TIME for the SUPER BOWL 2/5/17!

Specific details/arrangements for distribution will be announced by email at a later date

* This is a voluntary fundraiser, but there will be prizes awarded for the top 10 sellers
* All proceeds are to the Castle Band Boosters General Fund (No individual student accounts this year for the money)


  • Sales will be tallied by student so that prizes can be awarded
  • Castle Bands will benefit with 50% of gross sales!

The goal with this fundraiser, just like all fundraisers or organization has is to raise as much money for Castle Bands as possible.

If you buy pizza or know someone who buys pizza, or think you might be inclined to buy a pizza in the near future, this fundraiser is for you!

Let’s have some fun and enjoy this great partnership that we have with Sandy’s Pizza!

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