Castle Bands Arts & Crafts Show

The 2019 Craft Show has been scheduled! Join us and over 170 of the best arts and crafts vendors in the area on December 7th at the Castle High School. All kinds of special craft finds, holiday music, and even sweet treats await you within these halls. And don’t forget to get your photo taken with Santa Claus! Doors open at 9 am. Don’t miss the craft event of the year!

Annual Pizza Sale is On!

Hello and welcome to our Castle Bands Frozen Pizza fundraiser for the 2017/2018 year. This is made possible by Sandy’s Pizza of Fort Branch, IN.

Sandy’s Pizza is known through out our community for having a great product, and they are well known for being a great partner for school groups of all kinds to raise money for their organizations. This will be the 3rd time in the last few years that we have partnered with Sandy’s Pizza for this mid-year fundraiser.

Product Facts:

All Sandy’s Fundraiser Pizzas are 12” and come frozen. 

Due to the large number of frozen pizzas Sandy’s makes for fundraisers there can be NO DIFFERENT toppings other than the ones listed on the order form.

Castle Bands will receive proceeds in the amount of 50% of gross sales, so sell sell sell!

Castle Bands will be selling 7 varieties of pizza this year, with unit prices ranging from $9.50 to $11.00

The 7 varieties include: 1.Cheese, 2.Saus & Sweet Red Pepper, 3.Sausage, 4.Pepperoni, 5.Saus/Pepperoni, 6.Veggie, and 7.Combination.

NOTE – Castle Bands will not be offering the Saus/Pepp/Mushroom variety, and this column has been marked out on the order form this year. Please come to the band office if you need another order form.


Sale Facts:

The sale can begin as soon as you’re ready – so start now!  Order Forms and Final Tally sheets are available through the Band Office.

Final pizza totals and all checks, payable to “Castle Band Boosters” need to be turned into the band office by Friday 1/5/18. This is a hard stop for the sale to end. NO CASH PLEASE!!!

Pickup and Distribution of the pizzas will be on the Friday/Saturday just before the Super Bowl (2/2 & 2/3). 

Details on pickup and distrib will come out in January after final numbers are all in.

Castle Bands will be using a total sheet for turning in this year – this means that the detail order form with all the customer names and tally marks needs to be kept by the students/parents.

NOTE – turn in ONLY the total sheet. Students/Parents will keep the detail sheet for your use to pass out the product you’ve sold

This is a “general fund” type fundraiser, so there is no individual account credit for sales with this fundraiser


For questions about this fundraiser, please contact Joshua Steele @ 812-431-4964  or his email

Congratulations Mr. Dean!

Mr. Dean will be receiving the 2019 Outstanding Bandmaster of the Year award on 3/11 at the All-State Band Concert at Purdue University. Congratulations Mr. Dean! Tristate HomePage Article

Mr. Dean was awarded the 2017 Outstanding Bandmaster of the Year award from the Phi Beta Mu professional fraternity for instrumental music teachers in Indiana. This is a significant recognition of not only Mr. Dean’s contribution to instrumental music education in Indiana, but to his leadership and development of the Castle Band programs alongside Mr. Eifler. Can we all join each other and send lots of comments and congratulations to Mr. Bandmaster himself–TOM DEAN!


11/10-11/12 BOA Grand Nationals Semifinals Saturday 10:30am CT!

The Castle Marching Knights are at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy to participate in the Bands of American Grand Nationals Competition. Our CMK were named Class 3A Preliminary Champions and overall Regional  Champion  during the Clarksville, Tennessee Regional Championships held September 24, 2016.  We were also in first place for Class 3A in the Preliminaries during BOA Super Regionals, taking 7th places overall.

We rocked the house in preliminaries and are among the 36 top bands advancing to semifinals Saturday 11/11.  The competition was fierce with 100 amazing bands competing. We are excited and grateful to meet so many hard-working and talented individuals and to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Send your favorite CMK positive energy on Saturday 11/11.  It’s KNIGHT TIME IN INDY!!

11/5 BOA Super Regionals 10:00am CT !

The Castle Marching Knights will be traveling to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy to participate in the Bands of American Super Regional Competition. Our CMK were named Class 3A Preliminary Champions and overall Regional  Champion  during the Clarksville, Tennessee Regional Championships held September 24, 2016.

The band travels to Indy on Friday night and will perform at 10:00am CT Saturday morning at Lucas Oil Stadium. Watch out Indy, we’re bringing our game!

10/29 ISSMA State Finals -4th Place!

The Castle Marching Knights put on an outstanding performance on Saturday 10/29 at the ISSMA State Final competition in Indianapolis. They achieved 4th place in Class A for the entire state! Way to go Marching Knights! We’re so proud of you!

We’d also like to shout out to our Marching Friends at Mater Dei-scoring 4th in Class D, Boonville – scoring 9th in Class C, and Evansville North who rocked 8th place in Class B. Excellent performances by everyone!

Below are some pictures from the WarmUp!


10/22 ISSMA Semi-State – 4:20pm CT

The Castle Marching Knights performed at Center Grove High School in Indianapolis on 10/15 for the Regional ISSMA competition. CMK received a rating of “Gold with Distinction” in each of three categories: Music, Visual, and Effect. We also ranked in the top 10 in Open Class A and will advance to the Semi-State Competition to be held on Saturday 10/22.

We will be performing at 4:20pm CT on Saturday with the awards presentation beginning at 5:12pm CT. Let’s fill the stadium with a sea of blue to show our support for our hard-working CMK!

Interesting in learning more about ISSMA contests? Check out this article from their website,

10/15 ISSMA Regional Contest – 6:22pm ET – GO CMK!

We are Indy bound!! LET’S DO THIS!! Good luck to our Castle Marching Knights as they travel to Center Grove HS for the ISSMA Regional Competition today! This is the first competition in our northern tour.

CMK will be performing at 6:22pm Eastern Time at Center Grove High School. The Awards Ceremony will begin at 8:06pm ET. Send good vibes to your favorite CMK at 5:22pm local time, and check the contest page for results later in the evening. Go CMK!