First Year of Marching Band

WELCOME!!! It’s going to be an AMAZING experience!!!

We are excited to meet you! We put together a short list of some things for you to consider as we approach Summer Band Camp. These are all things that will be coming up quickly now and during summer band camp. We’ll add additional items as we get closer to the start of school that relate to the schedule of activities. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us via the Contact page.

First Fundraiser in Full Swing!

We are ramping up for our first fundraiser summer Car Wash. All students need to sell 10 tickets by June 2 and the money will go directly into each student’s account for band fees. Sell more than 10? AWESOME! That will lower your individual band fees for the year. Download your forms here!

Summer Band Camp

  • Summer uniforms: Band members wear running shorts, WHITE t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Color guard wear black running shorts and WHITE t-shirts. No colored shirts please. Guard sometimes have themed days and you will be notified ahead of time what to wear for those.
  • Bring hats and sunglasses and loads of sunscreen. You’ve seen everyone outside on the hot pavement. That’s where much of the day is spent. Be prepared.
  • You’ll need to get a water jug that’s either half gallon or gallon size. You can fill it with water, propel, or gatorade and you’re going to need it!
  • Drop off times: the expectation is to be early. If camp starts at 8am, that means you’ve put your things away, have your instrument / flag in hand, made any pit stops needed, and are field ready at 8am. Arriving at 8am will mean you are LATE.
  • Lunch: Bring a lot of healthy food. You’re working hard and burning a lot of energy. Eating gross heavy food may result in an upset stomach. Bring a good healthy lunch. During lunch, you’ll get to talk with other members of the band and color guard while you eat. It’s a great time to get to know new people and ask questions.
  • Treats: Each band section has section mom leaders and the color guard will have guard moms that will help coordinate bringing treats for the end of a practice. This isn’t an everyday occurrence, but is a great way to end a hard day’s work. Parents will bring only for your child’s section.
  • Parents can watch and the end of any practice. We’ll have special times that we want everyone to come out and support the kids by cheering them on, but parents are welcome to come to pick up early and see the progress the band is making.
  • CMK practice at home after practice! All Color Guard members will get a flag to take home and practice, and all band will need to rehearse their parts after practice is over.
  • Spirit Wear: Orders for spirit wear begin in the summer. Order more than you may want as a parent because you’ll want to wear spirit wear for every band event so it’s easy to spot you. Don’t forget to order winter wear too, even though it’s summer! Spirit wear orders happen only twice!
  • Stickers for cars will be part of the spirit wear order forms. Get one if you can. It’s nice to know others who are with CMK when traveling on the road to events.
  • Volunteers: we need a lot of help with a variety of things throughout the entire season and beyond. There will be sign-ups during summer camps for some initial activities. Please be highly involved. It’s great way to meet other parents, help the band, and show your support to your child.