Castle Invitational Results

Class D
1) 60.25 - North Posey, 2) 53.25 - Perry Central, 3) 39.40 - Northeast Dubois
Aux - North Posey, Perc - North Posey, DM - North Posey, Pit Crew - Perry Central

Class C
1) 66.35 - Southridge, 2) 65.35 - South Spencer, 3) 61.85 - Mt. Vernon
Aux - Southridge, Perc - Mt. Vernon, DM - Mt. Vernon, Pit Crew - Southridge

Class B
1) 68.30 - Evansville North, 2) 67.35 - Bloomington South, 3) 63.40 - Evansville Harrison, 4) 63.10 - Boonville, 5) 59.85 - Evansville Central
Aux - Evansville North, Perc - Evansville North, DM - Evansville North

Grand Champ'yons on the Heath of North

The Weyward Sisters. ACT I.
SCENE III. In Castle Keep and Heath of North.
Beware ye gain of royal standing, the Dean of Tom swore,
Lest the crown thee grasped be sacked by rival corps.
Clear skies shone on king’s Tilting Fest,
The keep was host to this land’s best.
Posey North, Ridge of South, great North, prizes givn,
Hospitable the Knights, new annals hath now scriv’n.
At eventide, hover through the fog and filthy air,
North heath dreamt I of three weird sisters there.
Shock and sore, geese on wing,
Potions ripe, Knights were king!
The sisters three, TEN titles took,
Grand Champs again for marching rook.
Awakened bleary withal aching next morn,
Looking next East to Spencerian corn.

photo by Marilyn Demont

2014 North Invitational

Class AAAA
1) 73.90 - Castle, Aux - Castle, Perc - Castle, DM - Castle

Overall Awards
Music - Castle, Visual - Castle, GE - Castle, Aux - Castle, Perc - Castle

Grand Champion Castle

October 4, South Spencer Invitational, 8:16 pm

The entire 2014 Weyward Sisters Saga to date

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