Join us in participating with the Bands Out for Blood program at CHS on 7/12 and 7/13. It’s not too late to sign up and we still need YOUR help! NEW INCENTIVES!

Did you know that when there is no shortage of blood donations, there is typically only a 2-3 day blood supply? THAT IS ALL. We can never take the availability of blood for granted. Did you know the need for donors is even more prevalent during the summer months, when high schools and colleges are out of session and families spend time vacationing? Your blood donation can help: Trauma Victims such as automobile accidents, Surgery Patients, Premature Babies, People with Anemia, Cancer Patients and many more.

In addition to the fundraising opportunity for the band, IBC is also offering the following incentives if you sign-up now:
1.  Each donor will receive a pair of flip flops.

2.  Because we are recruiting for certain blood types that we are extremely low on, we are offering the following incentive.  However, you must sign-up ahead of time and enter the code in the “notes” of your appointment.
               All O Negative and O Positive Donors will receive a $20 Electronic Gift card.  Must enter “Hero 20” in the notes section and provide a valid email address.
               All A Positive, A Negative and B Negative Donors will receive a $10 Electronic Gift card.   Must enter “Hero 10” in the notes section and provide a valid email address.
               You will receive an email within 10 business days of your donation from “Versiti.”

Friday, July 12th, 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Bloodmobiles outside of the front entrance of school
Click here to sigin-up for July 12

Saturday, July 13, 11am-2:30 pm
Inside the band room
Click here to sign-up for July 13

2017 brought in 95 participants! 2018 brought in 85 participants! 


  • Schedule an appointment time through the links provided
  • Adhere to your scheduled time to help to prevent wait times
  • Allow at least an hour for the entire process
  • Hydrate well, eat prior, and bring a photo ID
  • 16 year olds must have permission slips CLICK HERE – 16 YEAR OLD PERMISSION SLIP!

We register 25-50 donors at blood drive to earn $5 per participant for the band
We register 51-200 at blood drive to earn  $10 per participant for the band 

Castle Band Program

The Castle Band Program provides students with an opportunity to learn much more than how to play an instrument or how to perform in a show. It builds discipline, responsibility, commitment, and a sense of teamwork/family like no other organization. If you would like to partner with the Castle Band Program, please consider Donating Here to help our students continue to grow, learn, and lead all through their passion for music.