2020 Raffle

Time to get excited, try your luck, and support Castle Marching Knights! This year we bring you a Half Pot! Rules and regulations can be found on our raffle page HERE.



Parent Preview Night

Last night was the Parent Preview Night and to match the theme of 2020 so far, the weather was less than desirable. After a brief delay to wait out the heavier rain, our CMKs showed their amazing character by performing for the [socially distant] crowd of dedicated supporters! Watch these kids persevere through wet clothes, puddles, drizzle, and wet flags and rifles to showcase their hard work of the last few weeks. Huge thank you to the staff who continue to invest hard work into a non-competitive season and parents who are doing everything possible to support this group of tough young musicians and performers.

The 2020 CMK Show Reveal is HERE!!

It was a crazy end to the 2020 Band events, but a big congratulations to all of our CMK, Winter Guard members, Percussion musicians, Concert Band instrumentalists, and Jazz Cats. We send the graduating class Best Wishes for all their future endeavors! Check out the Fans of Castle Marching Knights Facebook page for pictures of the first ever CMK Senior parade!

Stay tuned for what’s to come next!

Castle Band Program

The Castle Band Program provides students with an opportunity to learn much more than how to play an instrument or how to perform in a show. It builds discipline, responsibility, commitment, and a sense of teamwork/family like no other organization. If you would like to partner with the Castle Band Program, please consider Donating Here to help our students continue to grow, learn, and lead all through their passion for music.